The Global Standard, Now with the Option for Intarsia


As SHIMA SEIKI’s newest generation of standard workhorse machines, the new SIR®122 is the new global standard for shaped knitting, having inherited the know-how and experience accumulated over the years as the leading manufacturer of computerized flat knitting machines. Productivity is increased with a maximum knitting speed of 1.4 meters per second, combined with the R2CARRIAGE® System that improves efficiency in each course through quicker carriage returns. It also carries over proven SHIMA SEIKI technology such as our renowned Digital Stitch Control System (DSCS®), spring-loaded Full-Sinker System, Stitch Presser, Takedown Comb and Yarn Gripper and Cutter which is now equipped with a new lint remover for reduced maintenance. Equipped with the 21-intarsia carrier option, SIR® allows great freedom in knitting intarsia garments, aided by tremendously capable design system software. Production leadtimes can be dramatically reduced using the Automatic Intarsia Carrier Setting software featured on our SDS®-ONE APEX3 apparel design workstation. Made-in-Japan quality, reliability, productivity, user-friendliness and cost-performance combine to satisfy the high expectations of the world’s fashion industry.


The R2CARRIAGE® (R2=Rapid Response) System features an advanced carriage mechanism combined with improved software programming that achieves quicker carriage returns after each course for higher overall productivity.


WideGauge® Knitting

Special knitting needles on SIR®122 realize WideGauge® capability whereby a variety of gauges—from finer-gauges using all-needle knitting, to lower-gauges using half-gauge knitting—can be knit on a single machine. This allows the freedom to handle changing seasons and shifting trends without investing in a machine for every gauge or resorting to the complex, time-consuming task of gauge conversion.



Considered one of the most significant breakthroughs in modern-day knitting, our patented Digital Stitch Control System (DSCS®) is the only proven digital system field-tested and market-proven in the industry for over 25 years. No other manufacturer can claim this kind of experience or level of refinement.


A User-Friendlier Knitting Machine

Space efficiency is improved during installation by integrating the fabric collection tray within the machine frame. The network connector is repositioned on the side of the controller for easier access while transferring production management data using Shima Network Solutions. The USB interface is also positioned directly below the control monitor for improved access in data exchange. For those moments when power suddenly becomes unavailable, a backup power supply allows work to resume after power failures. This offers peace of mind that an entire garment will not be lost due to blackouts.










7 12 14 16

7 12 14 16 18

Knitting width

Variable stroke. Max 48" (122cm)


Wide range of gauge knit on a single machine.


Knitting speed

Max 1.4m/sec. Knitting speed varies according to gauge and knitting condition. Variably adjustable speed levels. 10 additional programmable speeds.

Stitch density

120 levels, electronically controlled.


Motor-driven racking mechanism. Max 2-inch racking. 1/2 and1/4 pitch also available from any position.

Knitting system

Double KNITRAN system. Single R2CARRIAGE system.


Simultaneous transfer, front or back, independent of carriage direction. Split stitch possible without exchanging yarn carriers.

Sinker system

Spring-type moveable full-sinker system. v-Sinker(R) standard on 14G, 16G and 18G.

Stitch presser

Special motor-driven system allows individual adjustment for on/off in knit and transfer.

Needle hook conversion

Conversion between LL-size and MM-size possible without exchanging cams.

(7,12 and 14 gauge only.)


Needle selection

Full jacquard selection via special solenoid actuators.

Setup device

Takedown comb with special setup needles.

Takedown device

Main/sub rollers. Changeable 99 levels, automatically adjustable on each level. Automatic opening and closing.

Yarn cutter

Single-unit system includes 1 yarn cutter and 2 yarn grippers. Left side standard (1). Lint remover.


Consistent loop length by digital control method. Left side standard. 8 lightweight, compact encoders. Left side standard.

Yarn feed roller

10 positions on left side standard (2). Left side double roller standard (SC18 gauge only).

Side tensions

12 on each side. Brake disk with 3-way adjustable dials. Both sides standard.

Yarn carriers

9 normal carriers. (21 max. intarsia carriers)(3).

Top tensions

16 tension devices (SV7G only: 24 devices)

One-touch easy threading. Large knots cause machine stop. Small knots cause 0-9 courses at specified knot detection speed, then automatically resume at set speed.

Stop motion

Yarn break, large knot, wraparound check, shock detection, piece count, over-torque, program error, etc.

Drive system

Belt drive. AC servo motor. No lubrication necessary.


Special blower operated cleaner.

Safety devices

Full safety cover for noise-suppression and dust-proofing with stop motion sensor and interlock mechanism. Emergency stop switch. Emergency power off device. Ultra-low speed "crawl" setting. CE Mark. Indicator lamps (see below).

Operation lamp

Green/normal operation. Flashing green/normal stop. Flashing amber/abnormal stop.


Data input

USB memory interface. Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T network interface.

Pattern memory

25,165,824 bits (1,024 wales x 8,192 addresses)

Control unit

Built-in controller. Stored program for flat knitting machine.

Control display

Monochrome LCD panel. Editing possible via display panel operation. Help/Message function (for cleaning and lubrication). Available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Back-up power

Power supply for resuming knitting after power failure.


Single phase AC220V/230V

2.0kVA0.71.2kW: Power consumption varies according to gauge and knitting condition.


(1) Right side yarn cutter.

(2) 10 positions on right side (SV7, SC18 only).

(3) Additional intarsia carriers.




Kg ( lbs )

795 ( 1,749 )



Sobre Temco

Temco Argentina adicionó este nuevo emprendimiento de reacondicionado a nuevo de máquinas usadas, brindando una garantía extendida de 1 año.


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